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CNC Machining Center CAB-48

CNC Machining Center CAB-48


Product Features:

1. Centralized automatic lubrication system.
2. Centralized dust collection control system
3. Tool automatic compensation system.
4. Automatic backlash preloading mechanism.
5. Refrigeration and air conditioning electric control box.
6. Two Z axes rise and descend mechanism
7. High rigidity design.
8. Taiwan HIWIN ball screw and rail guide.
9. Taiwan YUAN YI CHANG precise spiral rack transmission.
10. Italy HSD auto tool changing high frequency spindle.
11. Japan YASKAWA servo motor and driver.
12. Taiwan LIMING planetary type reducer.
13. Italian 9 vertical, 3 horizontal and 1 saw pneumatic line boring head
14. Italian OSIA-PC control system.

3D simulation:


Applicable industries:

For diverse, and advanced production and processing mode, a precise high-efficiency processing equipment.

Whole slab countertops can direct adsorption process(process adsorption directly), without cutting through any

action of the preparation.
The machine‘s drilling pattern is multi-function drilling. It is equipped with any arrangement combination of

vertical drilling, side drilling, single drilling and group drilling, etc.

Processing solid wood doors of decorative buckle line,paint-free doors,paint-free cabinet doors,plate bathroom

cabinets etc.

 Technical Parameter:

TableTable Size(mm)1250x2500mmRapid SpeedX&Y(M/Min)80Max.working strokeX(mm)2800mmZ(M/Min)20Y(mm)1600mmMain PowerSpindle Power9kw-HSK-63FZ1&Z2(mm)300mmVacuum Pump5.5kw-160m3/hWorking Height(mm)200mmPneumatic Line Boring Head9V3H1S-2.2kwSpindle Elevation DimensionsArea(mm)3600x3200x2300mmDistance Between Spindles Net Weight(kg)3200kg

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