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    DLM is a professional CNC machinery manufactuer. We supply tailored solution and products to over 100 countries and regions. Our porfolio ranges from multi-sized five axis machining centers, working cernters for panel industry, panel sizing centers, point-to-point machines, to various woodworking centers and CNC Router.

  • DLM Quality


    Based in China, we look to the European and US quality standard as reference. we are among the very few Chinese manufacturers with a mind highly committed to providing machines for the most demanding industrial use. All our products from the most economical models to the most complicated in the most advanced machining facilities. The whole manufacturing processes are meticulously and systemically controlled in order to guarantee the quality and precision.

  • water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle difference


    The spindle is a very important part of the CNC machine, the quality and speed of the spindle will affect the cutting effect. When we buy machines, we often face the problem of not knowing whether to choose an air-cooled spindle or a water-cooled spindle. Let’s discuss the difference between the two spindles below.

  • Daily maintenance of woodworking machinery


    1: First of all, we should keep the plot of each position of the body. For example, the glue taken out by the board near the glue pot will dry on other parts, which will directly affect its normal work.
    2: There will be a large amount of cut edge banding scraps in the pre-milling part, the end trimming part and the edge trimming part. Even if there is a dust suction device, it will not suck very clean. Flying edge banding scraps will affect all sliding and rolling parts and will also affect edg

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