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  • Development Trend of Woodworking Machinery


    With the continuous development of science and technology, new technologies, new materials and new processes are emerging. With China's accession to the WTO, the gap between China's woodworking machinery equipment level and that of foreign countries will become smaller and smaller. Foreign advanced technologies and equipment will continue to pour in. For domestic woodworking machinery, challenges and opportunities coexist. The development of electronic technology, digital control technol

  • What is a car? What is milling? What is boring?


    1.Turning: turning is the cutting process in which the workpiece rotates and the turning tool moves in a straight line or curve in the plane.
    2.Milling: The process of machining a workpiece that is fixed and the milling cutter rotates and makes a feed motion is called milling.
    Including end milling, broadside milling and end milling, various milling processes can be used. Because the cutter has a plurality of teeth and each tooth produces milling chips, it is possible to mill metal at high speed. In most applications, the workpiece is fed into a rotating milling cutter.
    3. Boring: The process in which the workpiece is fixed on the fixture or moves linearly and the boring cutter rotates to process is called boring.

  • China


    Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's booming economy and fast-growing Chinese market have provided valuable development opportunities for China's construction machinery industry to become bigger and stronger. After 40 years of development, China has become the country with the most complete categories of construction machinery products, outstanding advantages in serialization and complete sets, and the largest industry scale, providing engineering equipment support fo

  • Daily maintenance of woodworking machinery


    1: First of all, we should keep the plot of each position of the body. For example, the glue taken out by the board near the glue pot will dry on other parts, which will directly affect its normal work.
    2: There will be a large amount of cut edge banding scraps in the pre-milling part, the end trimming part and the edge trimming part. Even if there is a dust suction device, it will not suck very clean. Flying edge banding scraps will affect all sliding and rolling parts and will also affect edg

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